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Milkshake & Fries

She said there were creeptures everywhere.... I thinks she was going crazy. She took the car... Yeah... I don't know I feel sad. I feel kind of lost without her around. I know, right? I mean what the fuck am I paying for? I wanted to be seventeen year old girl on the road trip of a lifetime now I can't get the fuck out of the game....
I know. I'm glad i can still call mom... Is your body still vacuum packed? You need to get plugged in and come out here.... Milkshake just sits around on her own for hours looking sad. I think she looks cute when she's sad, like a person trapped in a yesterday game ...or something... No. I don't think so. She's pretty fucked-up... yeah, well I guess you get what you pay for! I don't know... I guess he brought us outside the game... yeah... no the world feels dead here... It's like it was meant to be something else... I guess they will unplug me? So we met a boy on the road... omg, so cute... no he's a little older, yeah... I don't know maybe he was once.... No he seems pretty healthy like everyone out here... His eyes? Green. No more like a pale green... like a ghost.... Yeah, I guess so... I don't know. he keeps taking pictures of us both... Yeah she definitely feels like a best friend now. Yeah. Ah, no it's way better than a virtual trip because you can feel stuff you know? Nah, Milkshake definitely has a personality... I love her. Yeah, of course... I am always safe... fuck... yeah I don't know he just drove us really far out, I guess it's almost to the edge of the game... is it still a game? It seems so real.... It seems so real.... No. I've stopped taking the blues. I don't want to
come and be old again... I don't know really, yeah maybe he is from outside somehow, maybe he is a real creepture y'know? Milkshake is pissed that is for sure....... fuck, no it was worse than that - yeah, her gums started bleeding again.... People out here are so lucky that they don't have the bad air we get... yeah right. I know that's why it's so expensive. Ah, man... yeah I don't know... he keeps taking pictures all the time - yeah, it's a little annoying. It's not lucid, y'know? I can't control it.No I just sat by the pool all day smoking.. haha, yeah, the wind blows through me like an ice cool breeze - I don't know. I got the impression she got jealous. No. No I don't think so. I am pretty happy with Courtney so I think I will ride it out... yeah I've gonna wait.... people... yeah. No they are life-like! ! Milkshake calls them the creeptures! She's like, 'shhh… listen, can you hear the creeptures?' Yeah I know. Yeah but some of them are pretty serious. I'm kind of glad we met a guy in here Yeah. I guess you feel safer. I know it's old-fashioned right? Mom? ... it's the wind, it's inside my bones... I don't think I am there anymore.... I'm not sure if I ever was. It's just him left... It's just the creeptures.... no... I dont think they are digital...Courtney keeps joking that his friends call him the bad lieutenant in this weird digital voice. No, no not at all. It's been two days since we last saw Milkshake... Fuck her and her creeptures!! I know right? Can you die in a dream? I don't know I do feel a little lost....

Photography // David Shama
Text // John-Paul Pryor
Fries // Chelsea Schuchman
Milkshake // Kasimira Mosich-Miller
Styling // David Shama
All Images Copyright David Shama 2019