John-Paul Pryor — TOPMAN

"The Swiss-Born Photographer On His Search For The Truth And The Fast-Diminishing Line Between Fashion And Art. David Shama is a man who is clearly fascinated by the natural: the natural world, the natural beauty, the natural expression. A doctor-turned-photographer, there is a clinical precision and anthropomorphic dedication to his organic, grainy pictures, which both glamourise and reveal the grit of anything from sylphlike young models, to greasy baskets of diner French fries. Raised in Switzerland, Shama now lives and works in Paris (as of 2014, New York), though much of his work is characterised by the intimacy and spontaneity of travel photography.
Unsurprising, since for each shoot Shama disappeared to far-flung stretches of the globe with carefully selected models, in order to capture them relaxed, un-posed and off-guard; ultimately natural and surrounded by nature. Each shoot, therefore, tells a natural story, and photos of rural and urban environments accompany and complement the corporeal pictures his luminescent travelling companions. Here he tells us about his personal fascination with the authentic world, the importance of building a personal relationship with your subjects, and his unconventional personal style."
All Images Copyright David Shama 2019