This music video for the song “Lady” from the band “Modjo” is a great example of the mood and tone I would like to set for this project.
It’s the story of 3 young adults that decide to leave it all and buy a car to hit the road, they are confronted by the bleak reality of suburban life but in their excitement it all shines brighter.

Stylistically this is shown by the reality filmed in a documentary suddenly replaced by blue sky beautifully shot dreamlike sequences that shows what goes trough the head of our 3 protagonists at that moment. Pure joy.

I want to show in a similar fashion the idealized planed project and the potentially more fun reality after everything got cancelled in 2020.

Another music video that I am thinking about is “Crazy” from the band “Aerosmith” which shows the story of two girls enjoying the freedom of skipping classes. Less interestingly filmed but nontheless a classic to set the mood of defiance.

The movie “Bully” 2001 Larry Clark shows is a great example of acuratly filmed youth seemigly without filter, true to the raw angsty nature of their dreams and in this case falling outs. Obviously this is the dark side of it all and we will show the positive version of this. having said that, great visual inspiration for this.


A very cinematic natural light mixed with flashes of the pictures taken by the protagonists that we can use to add rythm to the short videos.
I like the MTV inspiration of it all. I think there is a great come back of that 90s aestethic.
See my 7 Eleven photoshoot and BMX


This project is rooted in all I love, it’s the photography and motion pictures that I understand and do best, I am very confident that we this excellent concept we will do a very strong campaign.

Right here below you can see all the thumbnails of my recent work.

All Images Copyright David Shama 2019